Greatness is taking the...chances available to us. It’s growing, changing, adapting, and achieving beyond our perceived limits. It’s turning lemons into lemonade. It’s living unstoppable. That’s my lemonade… living a life that is unstoppable. A life that is focused on my passions and fueled by my beliefs.
— Bethany Hamilton


Hi, I’m Tiffany. I’ve been crowned a “Design Guru” and “Hospitality Queen” by Airbnb and“The House Rescuer Turned Rental Genius” by Coastal Living Magazine; Flattering titles hard-earned by the work I put into The Beach Lodge, my own Short-Term Rental (STR) success story. I’m talking a trifecta win… (1) enormous love from our guests and social media followers, (2) praise from the design and rental communities and (3) approval (with very little change “suggestions”) from highly critical relatives 🤣!

So what does it take to become a STR success? With more homeowners entering the STR arena and adding to the already fierce competition, it takes more than just having a nice house or a killer view. And if you want to command bookings based on stature, well that takes an even more focused game plan.

That’s where my experience comes in. I’m not a self-appointed “expert” like others in the field. My trained skills and accomplishments have gained me the recognition of being an STR Expert. Most of all, I’ve been right where you’re at in this journey.

But what’s in my toolbox? I have 20 years of art and creative director experience in the print, web, and motion design industries. That means I’ve mentored and inspired designers, guided projects from start to finish, and taken my clients’ personas and adapted them into captivating award-recognized visual stories. I’ve also had fun opportunities in visual merchandising, staging and styling homes. 

How does this apply to my role as a Short-Term-Rental (STR) Expert? It means I’ve acquired so much wisdom and experience in my career, that luck has taken a back seat to natural instinct. Translation? My visual storyteller muscles are flexing on auto-mode and always ready to guide others to reach their greatness.

How can I help you? I can give you the tools and confidence to stop playing the Comparison Game. And with your time freed up from all the uncertainties, you’ll be on your way to achieving your own unique success story.

So click below to sign up for a quick 30-minute chat; we’ll soon learn if we’re a match made in Short-Term-Rental Heaven. And if you realize that you can benefit from my guidance, then I’m enthusiastically on board as your partner in crime. So here goes…